On Saturday we went to Gifu Park to spend a day wandering about, enjoying the beautiful weather (about 80 degrees) and taking photos outside with Ewan. After our day out we enjoyed a really nice dinner at the Natural Cafe and had a nice evening walk. As we walked to our bus stop we made a really nice discovery, a street lined with beautiful lit-up weeping cherry blossom trees.

To get the picture above took a bit of doing since Aaron and my mom had to stand in the middle of the street to do it. They would run out there, with their cameras ready, and try to take the photo before a car came and interrupted them. I stood on the sidewalk watching for traffic and yelling out “Car!” whenever one was coming and they would quickly run to the side of the street before repeating the whole process again. But, eventually they did get a few of the shots they wanted and we were able to walk down the street.

The whole thing was just so peacefully and refreshing. The street was quiet, the blossoms were still, and the night air was warm. Aaron and I had yet to see a night light-up of the cherry blossoms and this, being our last blossom experience in Japan, was sort of our last chance. It was so lucky for us to just happen upon this street and this chance to catch a glimpse, all while killing about 20 minutes before the next bus was scheduled to come.

In some ways the cherry blossoms, from a distance, almost looked like the branches were covered with snow. It was just beautiful and now that most of the blossoms have fallen, I am sad to see them go. I know this is the last time, for a long time, that we will be in Japan for the cherry blossom season and as we start having more “lasts” instead of “firsts” my heart and my mind ache just a little bit. I know that these last few months will pass all to quickly and I will be sad to say goodbye to Japan, the place where our son was born and the place where we have had so many good times.

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