Sakura Season

Cherry blossom season is truly my favorite time of year in Japan. I cannot get over how much the Japanese appreciate and enjoy the short-lived blooms. It really is remarkable how life is, in many ways, put on hold once the blossoms come out. Instead of going about regular daily life, Japanese people slow down and take time to smell the roses. . . er cherry blossoms.

This year we feel very fortunate to be doing the same. Yesterday was Ewan’s due date. In some ways we were lucky that he came as early as he did, it meant that we were able to enjoy Sakura season in Japan as a family of three! Had he come closer to his expected due date, it is likely that all three of us would have missed cherry blossom season entirely.

We were able to get out twice to see the cherry blossoms this year. The first time in Kakamigahara with some friends. Saturday was a rainy day, but we wanted to make sure that we went out in case the blossoms were all knocked down by the storm.

The next outing was on Monday night with my mom who was so excited to be in Japan to meet Ewan and to see the blooms. The blossoms were a little past prime, with many of them falling as we walked around the park, but it was still a gorgeous night.

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