I Don’t Understand

I have never really understood why some public toilets have cigarette ashtrays inside the stall. Do people really want to sit and relax in a place where the sole purpose is to shit and piss?

But this weekend, during our travels in Shikoku, I found a cigarette ashtray, used, inside the stall of a squatty potty. It is one thing to be able to sit and smoke on a western-style toilet, it is another thing entirely to squat and smoke. Had there not been ashes and butts in the ashtray I would have questioned whether or not people actually do this, perhaps the ashtray had just been installed in all the stalls regardless of toilet-type. But it actually had ashes and butts. So, I am really curious, who can squat, smoke, and pee all at the same time? Who would want to do this?

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  1. Tina says:

    I’m wondering if it isn’t more of needing to put a cigarette out so you can have your hand free, and instead of putting a unsightly ashtray out in the common area, they put it in the stall away from direct view.

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