Going to Shikoku

We are headed off for the weekend to visit one of the two remaining main islands of Japan that we have yet to set foot on. It is a goal of ours to be sure to visit each of the 5 main islands at least once before we leave. So, this weekend, a long 3-day holiday weekend, is the perfect opportunity to hit one of them.

This weekend we will be visiting Shikoku.

We are hoping to visit some famous Japanese gardens, eat some sanuki udon (famous in Kagawa-ken), visit a few of the temples on the famous 88 temple pilgrimage, and see the amazing Naruto whirlpools. It is a lot in one weekend, but it should be a really nice time.

I’m also looking forward to staying in a more upscale hotel for once. Since we did so much traveling last year, we had to do things a bit more on the cheap. This year we have been a little more connected to home and now that we have a chance to travel for a few days we decided to splurge a bit. It’s always nice to have a little treat, even if it is one you have to give yourself!

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