The Littlest ALT

Yesterday was Ewan and I’s first day back at work. His first day team-teaching with me at Gifu Kita high school. For the remainder of my contract I have a highly modified schedule but one that still gives me some face time with the students. Also, my purpose is slightly different as well. Since I can’t quite be as integral of a member of the English staff as I was before, I have been asked to focus on cultural issues and differences in regards to childrearing between America and Japan. I’m not quite sure how to do that yet, but I’m sure, as the rest of this Japan experience has been, it will be an adventure.

For the first class Ewan was fast asleep, it was easy as pie. During the second class he woke up and I had to do a bit more bouncing and dancing to keep him comfortable and happy.

The students thought it was pretty funny when he got the hiccups and they got to learn that word.

I’m not sure that they learned much English yesterday, but they certainly did enjoy the novelty of having a little and big ALT for the day.

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