About a month ago we were invited over to Aaron’s supervisors house for a dinner party. I loved having the chance to visit a locals house and eat a homemade meal (not prepared by me).

They served many things, but the main course was te-maki (hand sushi). As soon as they explained what we were supposed to do, I couldn’t get enough. It was delicious, simple to prepare, and so much fun!

Sushi has always been a favorite of mine when we go out. But now, te-maki has become somewhat of a staple at our own home. A good meal to make on a busy night.

Temaki Setup

A meal of Te-maki starts with a table filled with different ingredients – seaweed, vinegared rice, raw salmon and tuna (our favorites), avocado, crab, sesame seeds, wasabi, soy sauce, edamame (boiled soybeans), and miso soup (a Japanese favorite).

To make your own, personal hand sushi you start with a square of seaweed.


On top of the seaweed you put a little vinegared rice.


Then, you add your ingredients. On this one I added maguro (tuna) and avocado.


You roll it up. Give it a little dip into the soy sauce and wasabi.


And, then, you eat it!


Yummy yummy sushi without all the work of making beautiful little rolls or individual sushi pieces. Perfect!

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5 Responses to “Te-maki”

  1. Your "Mom" says:

    Like sushi burritos. Must have been halloween. You are wearing a bat shirt.

  2. Baron Nathan von Chickenpants says:

    @ Your “Mom”

    Bat shirts have transcended the simple Halloween wardrobe. Bat shirts are for everyday.

  3. danielle says:

    Sushi burrito is an accurate description. Hadn’t thought of that. And, yes, I am afraid that Baron Nathan was right. It was not Halloween. Bat shirts have in fact transcended Halloween and have entered the daily rotation. Perhaps it is also because I have a lack of clothing….

  4. Di says:

    This looks like so much fun! And you do it in your own home now? Love it! And… your hair is getting so long, friend. You look GREAT!

  5. danielle says:

    Yep, te-maki is one of my favorite things to make at home. Soooo simple!!! Just make some rice, buy some fish, and you are ready to go! Really tasty too.

    The hair, yep it is getting long. It is my goal to be able to have some sort of ponytail before this summer. It was so bloody hot in Japan that I can’t wait to have this hair out of my face!!!

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