The Strange Gang

Each Sunday, in the Harajuku area of Tokyo, there is a gathering, of sorts, for all varieties of subcultures. It is mostly teenagers who gather, dressed up and made up, in a variety of costumes near Harajuku station. They are there to spend time with their friends, ham it up for the crowd, and have their pictures taken.

It was interesting to see so many people there watching and looking, and so many people gathered to dress up and have a good time. It is nice to know that these kids, even if it is just once a week, have a place where they can fit in and feel good about themselves.

Dancing Duo

These two, in addition to dressing up, performed a fabulous song and dance number.

Cheek Heart Girl

Those that weren’t posing for the cameras, stood around chatting with friends and texting on cell phones.

Group Photo

Some outfits were more elaborate than others.

Where Can I Get that Hat?

And, it definitely wasn’t just teenagers getting in on the fun.

Even Dogs Dress Up

Even the dogs dressed up.

A really fun sight to see, something you would only see in Japan!

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