Kamikochi National Park

With only a few months left to spend in Japan, we finally made it to our first national park. Despite my new nursing mama breakdown about whether or not they would have food for sale at the park (I didn’t have any snacks in my bag) we made the trek. The answer was yes, of course, they had food for sale. How could I have doubted that any touristy type place in Japan wouldn’t have food, well, at least soft cream.

Anyways, I am glad we made the trek. It was a beautiful day, it was a beautiful spot, and I really enjoyed getting out and walking around in Japan’s beautiful natures. Take a look for yourself!

Along the little boardwalk frogs were plentiful, as were their eggs. I had never seen frog eggs before, so I was rather intrigued and now we have a lot of pictures of frog eggs.

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