It’s Been Quiet

It’s been really quiet around here. I apologize. I have excuses, of course. And, for the next few weeks at least, I hope that I have fewer excuses and that I am able to peek in here a bit more often to share some of the Japany-ness that we have been enjoying.

For starters, yesterday was my last day at Gifu Kita before my maternity leave. So, I have been quite busy finishing things up there and also in other areas of my life.

Secondly, I am pregnant. Not just a little pregnant anymore, I am REALLY pregnant (Just about a month away now). As a result, I am slowing down a bit more than I really thought I would. It is harder to get things done, harder to keep up the pace, and harder to keep my eyes open past 8 or 9pm. Not to mention that it just seems harder for me to put together coherent thoughts at any given moment. However, now that I am home-ish full-time, I am hoping that this will be partly resolved.

But, now that my maternity leave is underway and I don’t yet have a little munchkin to care for, well at least not one that is out and about and is a bit more vocal about its needs, I am hoping to do some catching up around here including sharing a bit about our latest trip to Tokyo, what it was like to wrap up the year at Gifu Kita, and all the advice my second-year students gave me before I left (there’s some pretty funny stuff in there).

So, for now I am going to sign off, but I should be back (hopefully tomorrow) to check in and give a bit more of an update.

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