Buddhist Statue Men

While visiting fall in Kyoto a few weeks ago, I happened upon this little area that was just jam-packed with all these statues of various men doing and holding various things. It was outside of one of the temples that we visited, forgive me, I can’t remember the name at the moment (I totally blame the pregnancy – I can’t seem to remember anything these days).

I was completely captivated by them. Each one had such personality and character. Each one seemed to tell a story about themselves and their lives. I wish I had the time to photograph them all, but I didn’t. I really do want to go back sometime because I think they were just fascinating.

This one was the one that just seemed to sit back and take it all in.

This one seemed to be on a mission. He was headed towards something, a goal.

This one was the least subtle. He was obviously two-faced, and I don’t quite understand why.

This one seemed to be so old and wise. His eyes are so warm and caring that it seems you could tell him just about anything.

It’s obvious that this one is gentle. He seems like the type that you would want to care for you if, and when, you were sick or injured.

I love the joy and excitement in the face of this one. He just seems so pleased to have found this bird and so glad to share the moment with it.

This last one just seems so serious. Like the type of person you would want to protect you in a dangerous situation.

As I said there were dozens of these statues. Each had their individual personality and story. I really do hope that I can make it back to take more pictures. But before I can do that, I will have to remember where I found them in the first place.

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