A Classroom Anecdote

This week I am finishing up a 5-week long project with my first year students. Their assignment for the past month has been to form groups, create a skit, practice and prepare that skit for performance, and now finally, they must perform in front of the class.

As a whole I have been quite impressed by the three classes I have seen so far. They, for the most part, have taken the assignment quite seriously and done their best not only to meet the requirements of the project, but also do so in a creative and entertaining fashion.

Obviously some groups are more entertaining than others.

I think the funniest group so far was a group of boys that I saw on Friday. I’m not sure why, but they decided that their skit would be about four girls. Honestly I don’t even remember the storyline at the moment because I was so busy laughing while they were performing.

In order to accurately act as girls, all four boys bought a bottle of helium (looks like a can of aerosol hairspray) from the hobby shop. Before they would say their lines they would take a quick gulp of the helium from the can to raise their voices to a higher, more girly pitch.

Needless to say, their antics had the whole class rolling with laughter. It was a good time, and I definitely appreciated their efforts. If only I could remember the plot of their skit . . .

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