Election Day

or as so many people say here, It’s Erection day (they have a hard time with the L sound).

I am sitting at my desk right now finding myself more than a bit distracted. I have about a million internet browser windows all pointed to different sources – google news, cnn, npr, politico. I am watching as the results roll in, hoping that by the end of the day I will know the outcome.

This election day will always remain in my memory as one of the strangest. I really, truly believe that it is the most important election that I have voted in, the most historic, and yet it feels so distant and abstract. I am so very far away from where it is all happening.

I missed the excitement this year of going to my polling place (although I did vote by mail several weeks ago). I miss walking around, seeing people with their “I Voted” stickers. I miss having the casual conversations with others about what is going on and I miss watching the coverage live on tv. Hearing all the talking heads with their predictions and speculations.

I know that I am getting some of that as the news feed wizzes by, projecting Pennsylvania for Obama, but it isn’t the same.

I hope all of you, back in the States, are enjoying Election Day. While we may not all have the same opinions about who is the right person for the job, I think it is easy to say that we are surely witnessing history in the making.

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