Just a Bit of Fun

So, it has been a super busy week (and that’s why I’ve been a bit quiet). The culture festival and sports day were held at my school and, just like last year, we had to work on Saturday last week to make up for all the fun we would have this week. So, I have been working my tail off and am totally glad that today is Thursday and I don’t have to work for the next three days. Finally, some much deserved rest.

Anyways, since I don’t have time to write much today, I thought I would share some photos with you from Hokkaido. Some funny ones.

This character was everywhere in Hokkaido. He seemed to be some sort of mascot, although Aaron and I never quite figured out what the deal was. We saw big posters, little cell phone charms, towels, and just about every other little bit of Japanese paraphernalia with this guy on it. Sadly, we didn’t buy any “Green Bulgy Man” souvenirs. Next time . . .

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