Rockabilly BABY

Trio of rockers

The other weekend while walking though the streets of Nagoya, we suddenly could hear loud music wafting our way from a nearby park. Looking over, what should we see, but four men clad in leather, dancing in a circle Rockabilly style! Occasionally, one of the group would move the the center and show of their stuff. A couple had some good moves, but you could tell a couple were just starting out, their moves limited to rhythmically hopping. Thoroughly amused we moved on, only to discover that on the other side of a fountain, was the advanced group. Simillarly clad, but with more refined moves, and hairstyles.

I wonder if his hair is always styled like this…

Rockabilly squat

The japanese have always been very big on image. For example, If you are a Japanese hiker, you must have all of the appropriate accouterments; the perfect boots, the expensive hiking pants, the jacket, the right bag, extra socks, water bottles, hiking poles, first aid kit, etc. etc. Which all would make sense until you realize that they are going for a hour long hike on a partially paved trail. So when they get into something they get into it all out. These men decided they were in to rockabilly. So leather suits for all, a PA system, and dancing in nagoya on the weekends.

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7 Responses to “Rockabilly BABY”

  1. ella says:

    I sure hope they stretch properly before trying some of those splits…that could seriously damage a person if done improperly.
    I would enjoy knowing what they do for their day jobs.

  2. ella says:

    Apparently teaching English is not improving my own…I meant “if DONE improperly” (edited to fix -AR)

  3. aaron says:

    I know! I wondered aloud to danielle, when we were watching. “What do you think these people do with their hair when they are at work? Do you think it is always in a giant pompadour?”

  4. Your "Mom" says:

    Not only do the people of Japan really get into what they do. They are also very adept at ignoring what other people are doing. If you watch the people in the background, they don’t even turn their heads. Either that or they have seen it before.

  5. aaron says:

    I am guessing with the setup those guys had. That they are out there just about every weekend. Also, off camera there were quite a few people who were just sitting and watching.

  6. Eric Reiner says:

    I watched this once before, but had to watch that dancing again. I would have really have loved to have been there. I think it is really cool.


  7. aaron says:

    Maybe next time you guys come we can make a weekend trip down to nagoya see them. I don’t know how often they are out, but it must be pretty often given their skills and setup. If you really like it, maybe we can get you some leather pants and you can join them! Might have some trouble getting your hair up into a pompadour though…

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