Volleyball Day

Aaron just mentioned his school’s volleyball day, so I thought I would post some photos from the same event at my school. Same idea, just a bit different. My students really went all out with the costumes, I loved their creativity!

The Presidents

This team was the American President’s, on the back of their shirts were American flags with different numbers of stars according to their number on the team.


Elmo was a big hit! The front of this teams shirts said “Smile” in big letters, so each of them put something on the back of their uniform that they thought would make someone else smile. I guess it worked.

Kitty Chan

Then there was a boy’s team filled with Hello Kitty. Each team member had Hello Kitty on the back of their shirt, but each Kitty had a different expression.

Jackson 5

This team was the Jackson 5, well they actually had 7 people on their team, but they all had pictures of Michael Jackson attached to their uniforms.

With My Students

These two students sought me out and really wanted their picture taken with me. So cute!

Ready to Hit

And, yes, they did actually play volleyball in their ridiculous outfits!


First Year Contrast

Just for contrast, these are some of my first-year students. The second and third year students, not to mention the teachers, didn’t tell the first-year students that they could alter their uniforms and have some fun. All the first-years just showed up in their gym uniforms ready to play a little volleyball. You could tell they were all somewhat shocked to see their elder classmates all decked out.

But now, next year, they will be ready. And I am sure there will be a lot of fun photos to show you then!

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