Volleyball Taiikusai

Volleyball Day

Both Danielle and I just recently had all school volleyball tournaments. It really is quite a great time. I played with the teachers team, which ended up doing pretty well, despite the fact that my only real skill is the block. \(^o^)/

Students practicing the day before

The best part this year was feeling that I had made a connection with my students. I spent the day walking around with students calling me over to talk, yelling “Herro!” or asking to take my picture. I was happy, mostly to know that I had done such a good job of inspiring my students to talk to me, but also because I felt like a celebrity.

Art students team



One of the more interesting aspects of the Volleyball day, is the costumes. Many of the students dress in matching shirts, or shirts and shorts. Some tape designs on their jersey, and some go even farther and dress up in full body costumes.

Nope thats not chocolate ice cream, this is the poop team.

Sailor Volleyball!

Minnie mouse team!

Some of the 3rd year art students, after they finished their games, embarked on a bit of a project.

Sand Figures

Sand Figures

The winning teams receiving their award certificates.

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