Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

Government Building

Another stop on our travels in Tokyo, which I haven’t yet told you about, was a trip up to the top of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. There are many tall buildings in Tokyo where you can go up to the top and get a view of the city beyond, the Government Building, however, is one of only a few where you can go up at night, for free!

The night we went wasn’t a very clear night. It was pretty hazy and foggy, though I suspect that truly clear days (with all the pollution and smog) are pretty hard to come by. Even though it was pretty hazy, it was still a fun time. It was cool to see the city all lit up and continuing as far as the eye could see.

View of Tokyo

At first I was skeptical. The city just didn’t seem that tall, especially since we moved, not too long ago, from Chicago which is a pretty tall city.

Building in Clouds

But then Aaron pointed out this building in the distance. Yep, the top of it is pretty much in the clouds and haze. I guess it is pretty tall.

In addition to looking up, it was also pretty fun to look down. From that far up the city just sort of buzzes and you can’t really make out individual things.

View Looking Down

The building is located in Shinjuku and is definitely worth a stop. After all, the price is right!

And yes, as promised, a few more photos have been posted on Flickr. Check it out! More will be on their way soon.

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  1. Chris D. says:

    Did you guys to the Tokyo Tower visit yet?

  2. danielle says:

    Actually no, we haven’t visited it yet. In fact, we haven’t gone inside any of the famous towers in Japan. Even though we have seen many of them (Sapporo, Nagoya, etc.).

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